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How to Speak with Confidence in Public

At weddings, for example, I did not know how to balance satisfying couples, In 1999 my cousin paid N8,000 to a makeup artist to make her up for her wedding.

Her mother screamed and screamed about how unimportant and unnecessary it was to pay for something any aunt, sibling or cousin could do…or so she thought.

By 2013, the story had completely changed. That same aunt of mine, paid almost N100,000 for her last daughter to get a professional makeover on her wedding day.

My aunt also got a professional makeover for herself as mother-of-the-bride, and would never go out as an event guest without a makeover by a professional makeup artist because it is now obvious that NOT everyone can do a professional’s job of understanding face type and structure, colour blending, contouring etc.

By the way, that makeup artist who charged N8,000 in 1999, now charges as much as N450,000 for bridal makeovers…pheeewwwww…

The MCing profession, is going through a similar transition, from family, friends, friends of friends and staff, to professionals who can clearly interpret the objectives of the event and help the event owner and audience, achieve these objectives.

The MCing profession is leaving the hands of ill-prepared, untrained, self-proclaimed “masters”, to the hands of skilled, well-prepared, versed and vast, trained professionals – masters in title and in delivery.

An untrained MC generally lacks the skill or direction to stir an event, while a professional MC is properly guided by the ethics of his/ her profession. An ad-hoc/amateur MC perceives the work as a hobby, and as such may not go the extra mile to make it grand.

A trained professional on the other hand, knows what is at stake and ensures she performs her BEST, to ensure client satisfaction and REPEAT BUSINESS.

In my earlier days as an MC, I did not understand the need to meet with my client ahead, in order to clarify and understand expectations.

parents, chairman, guests and myself.

Even when we did meet, I did not know particular questions to ask like:

  • “Who would propose the toast? Have they been told?”- this helps us avoid the ever-so-annoying episode of chasing after and begging people to propose the toast because they were not told earlier.
  • “What 3 words should define your day?”, – the answer to this would help me as MC, decide what tone to use, what words to use or avoid, and what activities to incorporate.
  • “Would you like to play a game? If yes, which?” – this will guide preparation and setup.
  • “Who is your chairman and why was he chosen?” – this makes the way I introduce him, seem warm and familiar, leaving a sweet taste in the mouths of listeners – gestures they cannot define, but the term as “professional”.

A trained MC maintains the flow of the event ensuring it takes the agreed path not going off point/track.

A professional MC is smart to notice loopholes on time and cover them swiftly, especially if proper consultations have been made.

  • To MC like a professional, here are a few things that could and should be done:
  • Carry out a client analysis and expectations.
  • Inquire about the nature/demography of your audience to enable proper preparation.
  • Obtain or create a written proof of agreement(s) with the client.
  • Maintain a cordial relationship with your client and audience. Avoid scuffles and arguments.
  • Maintain proper timing as it is the life of business – correspondence, arrival and duration of meetings, and arrival to events.
  • On the day of the event ensure you arrive at the venue on time.
  • Check out the sound system and familiarise yourself with the sound engineers.
  • Rest well and eat a light meal before your event, to avoid hunger and fatigue which could lead to irritability and reduced productivity.
  • Do not struggle for souvenirs/party favours.
  • Finally, pray to God to crown all efforts with success.

I have been an MC full-time for 10 years.

People ask, “Does it pay the bills”? Yes, it does.

It paid little at the start, but pays a lot more now, with improved service rendition and clout, based on the application of professionalism.

There is a common saying, “beta soup na money make am”, same way, ‘beta MC, na training make am’.

To MC events like a professional, every MC needs good training, guidance and some mentorship.

The good news is, you do not need to look too far to find a platform to get trained as a professional Master of Ceremonies.TALKADEMY Training School for Masters of Ceremonies provides you with the training and the mentorship you need. Waste no time, do it now, go to to enrol.

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