Learn Confidence and Courage. Live happy!

Learn Confidence and Courage. Live happy!

Learn Confidence and Courage. Live happy!

You have genius in you!

Let me help you confidently own it and courageously inspire the world with it.

My life’s work is to help re-engineer the minds of individuals to live happy and fulfilled lives. I help develop thriving and successful communities, one life at a time.

My superpowers!

Teacher and Coach

I am miss break-it-down, miss embody-the-truth, miss show-with-my-life how it’s done.

I take all of that and more into class when I teach people how to harness and maximise their potentials with confidence and courage.

I bring practicality and knowledge that can be immediately applied as I coach individuals.

Global Speaker:

I was that child who stood in front of a mirror delivering make-belief speeches. I started hosting events at age 10 and I went on to build a speaking career for 13 years running. I have moderated high-level panels, delivered spell-binding keynote addresses, shared cutting-edge knowledge and wealth of experience while adding panache at an unending retinue of conferences, conventions, seminars, company training, organizational/executive retreats, diplomatic associations, and the list goes on. I bring confidence, humour, skill in Public Speaking and knowledge of Personal Leadership to every stage I mount.

Master of Ceremonies and Events Host

I am Joyce 'The Titanium' Daniels. I have 13+ years record of an undeniably, scintillating, rewarding stage career as Moderator and Master of Ceremonies. I have trained thousands of MCs and interacted with the best MCs from across the world. So when I show up at your event, know for sure, I am about to make your event unforgettable!!!

Corporate Trainer

A business or company’s success is hinged on the ability of every member of the team to accurately communicate the ideals, unique value, product and services of the company. When I come in, I ensure that from top decision-makers to everyday interactors with clients, know how best to engage, encourage, pacify, excite, educate the stakeholders they interact with constantly.

It is time to get your team or individuals within your organisation communicating like pros and showing-off the value the company truly possesses through training that promises to be fun, engaging, insightful, relatable, with experiential techniques for effective results.

  Ongoing and Upcoming Events

July 30th



Opportunities abound around you. Defining experiences pass by you every day





This is a 10-month programme currently running with bi-monthly meetings


March 6th


April 24

The Top Of The World Group Coaching

This is an ongoing 7 weeks coaching programme

Dec 1st


Dec 31st


WISER is a month-long study of Solomon’s practical wisdom in the book of Proverbs, for successful daily living.

6:00am Everyday

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