Break all the barriers that are stopping you from joining the very small list of A-list Masters of Ceremony (MC).

Get all the secrets and strategies which top masters of ceremonies around the world are using to stay on top of the game.

If you’re an MC already or aspiring to be one, and you want to be one of the top MCs in the games.

The Mastery workshop by Joyce Daniels (which might be her last training) will help you achieve that.

Yes, this might be the last time she would be organising training for MCs and speakers and you should take advantage of this because…

She’ll show you all the secrets and strategies she and other top MCs have been using for decades, and you can begin to apply everything you learn immediately after the training.

Joyce will show you the practically proven strategies you will use to go from an amateur to well paid high-in-demand MC,

Remember that these are the same strategies she and other A-list MCs have been using for years and it’s the same strategies she has been teaching other people who she has trained.

A few strategies you'll learn in the workshop include:

And many more principles and guidelines to becoming an accomplished MC.

What our students are saying

Theresa Eboreime 2

"I embarked on a journey with Coach JD in search of a clearer path, and more knowledge to transform my life. Among the many things I learnt, her perspective of vision boarding, the simplicity and practicality with which she explained the proper use of vision boards, gave me so much clarity and courage to pursue the things that I truly want to pursue."

Aluya Faitfulness

I'm in my 20s now and growing up was tough for me. I grew up learning most things myself. I actually wanted more because I knew I wasn't ordinary, but then, I needed to discover more about myself, develop myself, and be more confident at what I do.  In my quest for knowledge, I came across Coach Joyce Daniels. I really can't quantify the knowledge and help I got from joining her programme. I am constantly with my notes, learning the process until I embody all I have learnt. Now I wake up excited to face the day and I'm glad at the beautiful results I'm getting already.

Francesca Isi Igoche

Thank you, Joyce Daniels, for such a rare opportunity to scout for wisdom. I thought I needed clarity in my life so badly and wisdom was the rescue to look up to.  For the first time in my life, I entered a new year with calmness and no anxiety of what was in stock for me because I was being prepared spiritually, physically, mentally to prospect for knowledge and insight that I would need in my journey of life. I don't fret over the years I've lost anymore. By wisdom, I'm simply picking up and continuing. It's no longer business as usual, I'm all the wiser now and getting more wiser the more, for a better me.

Who should attend this workshop?

You might not get a chance like this for a very long time and probably not with Joyce Daniels ever again.

So here is your chance to take all the strategies and secrets she has been using from her because she’ll be pouring out everything she has learned all these years.

This would equip you well enough to become a high-in-demand top MC in less time than she did.

It would interest you to know that you don’t need to quit your job to start off as an MC, nor do you need to rent an office space or purchase an inventory.

All you need is just the zeal to do it and good training.

About Joyce Daniels, creator of The MASTERY Workshop

Flash Gas Nov. 2020

My name is Joyce Daniels. I’m a trainer par excellence who provides practical interventions for speakers and Events Moderators.

My wealth of knowledge in the speaking industry is contained in my signature programme,

Speak To Win, my two books “MASTERY” and “Before You Speak, Read This!”,

And is evidenced in the over 12,000 individuals organizations and companies that I have successfully
trained in 14 years.

Having been an Mc and a public speaker for that long, I know what works and what doesn’t.

And guess what?

I’m not sharing the knowledge I got from any book.

No, far from it.

I’m going to share with you all the secrets and strategies I have accumulated over the years that have made me one of the best MCs presently.

How much would you pay for a legacy training like this?

Remember that this might be her last time organising training for MCs and speakers.

It’s a steal to get a legacy training like this where Joyce would pe pouring out all her experiences from over the year without holding anything back for just #50,000.

A training of this magnitude should cost at least #250,000.

But you’re getting it for only #50,000.

The reason she giving it away at this price is that she wants to equip as many people as possible to become accomplished MCs like her.

Registration for The MASTERY Workshop

Grab this opportunity quick before the slots will be filled 

The MASTERY Workshop will take place online, on a private Zoom call.

The training will take place on the 24th and 25th of Match 2022, 6pm –9pm each day.

Yes, the training will be recorded.

You’ll get the recording of the training.

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