Break all the barriers that are stopping you from joining the very small list of A-list Masters of Ceremony (MC).

Get all the secrets and strategies which top masters of ceremonies around the world are using to stay on top of the game.

If you’re an MC already or aspiring to be one, and you want to be one of the top MCs in the games.

The Mastery workshop by Joyce Daniels (which might be her last training) will help you achieve that.

Yes, this might be the last time she would be organizing training for MCs and speakers and you should take advantage of this because…

She’ll show you all the secrets and strategies she and other top MCs have been using for decades, and you can begin to apply everything you learn immediately after the training.

Joyce will show you the practically proven strategies you will use to go from an amateur to well paid high-in-demand MC,

Remember that these are the same strategies she and other A-list MCs have been using for years and it’s the same strategies she has been teaching other people who she has trained.

A few strategies you’ll learn in the workshop include:
And many more principles and guidelines to becoming an accomplished MC.
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