StandUp to StandOut

The Comedian's Guide To Becoming A Pro MC​

Applause!!! Cheers!!! Whistles!!!

That’s what every comedian loves after every performance.

But even more, it’s constant bank alerts. (*winks)

But to get more, you need to offer more than one service. That’s why some comedians double as MCs/Event hosts.

But It's Not As Simple As Just Holding The Mic And Talking

Hosting an event requires more skills than having a funny bone.

It is serious business. 

Some comedians make the mistake of turning everything into a joke show. Nothing puts an audience off like a sour joke.

Have you ever been in an event where the comedian was struggling to gain the confidence of the crowd by sharing jokes we’ve heard countless times or even indirectly insulting some individuals under the guise of performing jokes? 

It’s at those times, you wish he/she would just sit down. You can be sure that there’d be no repeat jobs from that client or from those who were there.

How Would You Like To Master The Art Of Event Hosting

  • Imagine being able to hold the attention of any crowd you stand before, well composed and articulate.

  • Understanding the dynamics of reading an audience and knowing what type of joke to deliver and when.

  • Being able to OWN every event and be memorable without talking too much about yourself.

  • Building a long-lasting relationship with your clients as a result of your genuine care and expertise in handling their jobs.
  • Having a constantly booked schedule as a result of referrals from MC jobs.

This course was birthed as a result of questions by both clients and comedians asking, “how can comedians perform MC roles without doing a shoddy job?”

This includes some comedians who have been on stage for a long time too.

This is because they lack the basic knowledge of  the dynamics of hosting an event.

By the end of this course, there’s just ONE guarantee: Your clients/audience will definitely want more of you.

This Course Will Help You:

  • Analyse and evaluate the audience realistically
  • understand the acceptable guidelines for different kinds of jokes
  • know what professional MCs do before, during and after an event to meet the expectation of clients. (If you think it’s just performing on that day, you’ve already lost 80% of repeat jobs!)
  • identify the different skills needed to develop the “personality” that excels in the MC business.
  • have a clear vision of your profession as a comedian and MC
  • manage your stage and overcome fear
  • exhibit professional and international etiquette
  • position you for going global right from the comfort of your home

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