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Joyce Daniels

2 hours 25 minutes ago

The Act of Showing up early…

I love to arrive early for meetings.

I don’t get to miss anything.

It says a lot about my attitude towards everything, including my regard for everyone in that room.



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Joyce Daniels

3 hours 46 minutes ago


We all want the best, so let’s buy from the best.
Buy from House of Tara outlets.

Say NO to Counterfeit.



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Joyce Daniels

13 hours 5 minutes ago

That’s just me poring my heart out on doing what you do because you love it.

Attitude buys you Favour.

Labour Under Correct Knowledge = LUCK


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ShaRon IfeOma, Simon Goodness Nnazim and 5 others like this. Obiechie Richard

This is super. ..more of this

 113 hours 1 minute ago

Beddie-memberr Rodrigo Okorite

Did I tell anybody that I love this lady!? People dey shout who you epp this days… abeg make them come see Joyce Daniels, she dey help ppl! My 1st female mentor!

 15 hours 31 minutes ago

Brisibe Doubra

Love d…”and somebody say na luck!”…part.

 111 hours 13 minutes ago

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Joyce Daniels

13 hours 14 minutes ago

Today I facilitated the “Dale Carnegie Course – Skills for Success” training, at Seven Exploration & Production Limited also knows as Seven Energy.

We discussed Communication, Human Relations and Leadership from the office and beyond the office.

Our lives in some way become the example for subordinates and our children.


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May God bless your hustle ma…

13 hours 6 minutes ago

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Joyce Daniels

21 hours 36 minutes ago

Testimonial Wednesday…



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Joyce Daniels

2 days 4 hours ago

Talk With Joyce Tuesday…

Stay Encouraged!


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Obiechie Richard, Hilda Daukoru- Anidi and 41 others like this. Joy Dapo Ojo

Nicely said Joyce. You are such a strong lady. See Joyce of yesterday, I’m happy for you.

 12 days 33 minutes ago

Priye Nnah

Staying motivated and encouraged ,sis I grab dis one.

 12 days 4 hours ago

Tatiana Tammy Amadiki

Get up, dust yourself up. I’m inspired 🙌. Thanks.

 12 days 3 hours ago

Nnedinma Alo

Thanks darl …

 11 day 1 hour ago

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Joyce Daniels

3 days 2 minutes ago

On the 19th of November, I was compere at an event in Yenagoa, Bayless State.

Event over, getting set to leave, a young man approached me and asked if I was Joyce Daniels who spoke at the TedX event in Port Harcourt in November 2014.

I said yes, and he introduced himself as “Atat Charles”, and went on to tell me about how I influenced him to follow his dream in media.

He now works with NTA Port Harcourt and would like to have me share my story on his show, the help influence other youths.

Today, we shot the first episode of my story on “Youth Forum” at NTA Port Harcourt studios.



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Simon Goodness Nnazim, Daniella Ogechi Ogbu and 19 others like this. Wariebi Funakpo

greater heights. the sky is ur starting point

 12 days 19 hours ago

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Joyce Daniels

3 days 4 hours ago

Mondaygenic… The Art of Looking Good on Mondays.

What does the life of integrity and honour entail?

First of all, it demands I do what is right, deliberately, purposefully, and painstainkingly, especially in secret where/when no one else sees.

It demands that I love and enjoy what I do or not do it at all.

If I have a job that I hate or despise, I will NEVER give it my best, and there is absolutely NO HONOUR in doing half-hearted, poor, shoddy, “complain-filled” work.

We should actually live our lives to fullest. Like Joseph, Joshua, Daniel, Paul and Jesus (amongst so many others), then we would TRULY have honourable lives.

I am dedicating this specially, to those who are not motivated to be at work this morning or who probably showed up late to work this morning, because they just do not “feel” their jobs.

Seriously! Do something about it!

Find a way to get out of this “Its Monday again” fever.

Be Motivated.

Do the honourable thing and do it with integrity.


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Dayo Adewuyi-Adebote, Aniebiet Idem and 9 others like this. Eluwa Joy

You glow even in the dark Joyce 😁 . Couldn’t agree with you more on this. #livingonpurpose.👊👏

 12 days 16 hours ago

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Joyce Daniels

5 days 59 minutes ago


It’s Saturday morning, the day we USUALLY give time to cleaning our environment and personal space (that includes drawers, wardrobes 😛); whether it’s an “Environmental Sanitation Day” or not.

It is VERY important that we carry our children along on the clean up exercise.

The young ones should be assisted and shown how to lay their beds, fold their clothes, separate the clean from the dirty, among their stuff.

No one should be left out in the chores because in doing in it together, we BOND!!!


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Good shock or bad shock?

A photo posted by Joyce Daniels 08033407120 (@iamjoycedaniels) on

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