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One of the major high points of being a Professional Event Host MC is that you have FUN!

At weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, you share in people’s love and joy; at corporate events, you learn about a variety of subject matters; You have opportunities to travel, meet lots of new and interesting people, and you are exposed to fascinating cultures and a wide range of business opportunities. You could do almost anything alongside being an MC – you can maintain a full time job, or any other business.

There is the fine art of MCing – the natural gift, the talent, but then, there is also the science – the lines, the precepts, the order, and a definition of rules that we must apply so that MCing becomes a very prestigious profession, and attractive enough to get clients to pay, and pay well, making it completely profitable to the mind, soul and body. That’s why this book was written.

Mastery has been written to help you succeed as an MC, and leaves a trail of experiential knowledge and information that you can delve into and apply. No matter how good you are naturally, you still need to know and master the systems to work your God-given gift and talent.

Mastery will teach you the ins and outs of the profession, and give you the tools that you require to become a Master, in the business of mastering ceremonies.


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