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Client Testimonials

I have engaged the services of Mrs Joyce Daniels as Master of Ceremonies for some of the most important events that I have helped organize over the years in Port-Harcourt, notably, the Rivers state Investors Forum 2011 and the Evening of Tributes event that was held for my father in February 2016.
Sucre to say that I consider Joyce to be an exceedingly competent, attentive, courteous and intelligent young lady who is a master of her trade.

Atedo Peterside (CON)

President and Founder ANAP Foundation. Chairman of Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc and Cadbury Nigeria Plc

The beautiful, eloquent, charismatic, sophisticated, female nation builder that is called Joyce Daniels.

As an MC, I’ve seen her capture and keep an audience of over a thousand women captivated on the stage. I’ve seen her engage the audience adding fun & laughter purposefully.

I have also been a participant at a training that was organised by Joyce Daniels on public speaking & presentation skills.

Her capacity to help already seasoned, successful, speakers hone their skills and improve on what they already have, is quite impressive.

Tara Fela-Durotoye

Founder House of Tara International

Joyce Daniels is exceptional at speaking and has successfully broken down her gift into frameworks that anybody can learn to replicate her results.

During her class, some of her insights showed me the mistakes I was making and things I could do to improve.

I also learnt another framework on how to engage an audience at any time of the day.

Stephanie Obi

Founder, TrainQuarters

“I must commend Joyce Daniels for the professional way she anchored our EU event held in Port Harcourt. She was quick in grasping the complex topic of discussion and was flawless in her delivery.

Her versatility is commendable while her passion for the job at hand is impressive. She has earned my recommendation. Keep up the good work!!!”

Michel Arrion


Before I met Joyce Daniels, I wasn’t aware that I could have such a mind shift and pattern reengineering. I was even more surprised to see that someone younger than I possessed such wisdom.

So much changed for me but one key experience is how what I learned from Joyce Daniels transformed my relationship with my son. I am now better able to communicate with him and this person I had labelled “stubborn” now listens to me.

Thecla Nwaeze

Being intentional about my personal growth and development especially in this year has come in different shapes and sizes and this time it was exploring my ability to ROAR. No not like a lion. But simply as ME.

In 8 hours Joyce Daniels opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of using my voice and speech, telling my stories and asking the right questions through the vehicle of public speaking.

Mastering ceremonies, compering, moderating are things I have often cringed at for the longest time… and why wouldn’t I hadn’t been exposed to a blueprint! For me attending ROAR with Joyce Daniels private coaching session was and still is the most practical and demystified study on public speaking: How to boost confidence and esteem, ask my 5 w’s and H, tell my stories, connect with my audience, moderate panels and compere virtual and outdoor events exceptionally and professionally and especially have the courage to demand the highest value of my service.

I have had a voice, I still have a voice and I owe it to MYSELF to make the most of it, earn some good money and be unforgettable when I speak.

Ekeoma Ike

My name is Nkechi Ken-Nkwonta.

I am a posh school leader with an exceptional speaking voice. I am exotically talented and phenomenally good at what I do. As talented as I am, I have had to deal with limiting beliefs that belittled my capacity and ability to be really successful. I encountered Joyce Daniels more closely in 2018 after I returned from the United States of America and have been under her guidance for 2 years now. When she announced the Cross Over program, I made up my mind to attend. Thank God I did.

Right now I can tell you I did crossover because she showed me how to starve those limiting beliefs that don’t serve me anymore. She showed me how to build positive beliefs around my anchors. Infact, the anchor of experience resonated so well with me as I learnt that both the good and bad experiences have something  positive that I can build with. My self worth and confidence grew by reason of my being in Cross Over with Joyce Daniels.

I am happier with my life as I have taken charge of my beliefs. Negative people and situations do not serve me any longer. My mind has found a way to switch away from ideas or thoughts that arouse negativity and self doubt. I now possess the ‘I can make it’ mindset as I work as well to gather the right education and knowledge that I need to move along.

I am stupendously grateful that I made this choice. It was worth it and I will recommend it to anyone who desires to be free from limiting beliefs, low self esteem and self worth.

Nkechi Ken-Nkwonta

School Leade

My experience from Wiser with Joyce Daniels (JD) was beyond my expectation. I found the daily task and breakdown of wisdom from King Solomon dished out in the most practical and instructive form. Since Wiser 2020 I have made practical changes with results in relationships, finances, profession and my service to the community. The application of tools shared during Wiser have been enablers to my 2021 wins. So looking forward to Wiser 2021.

Bolaji Sanni

I really enjoyed the class with Joyce Daniels. I joined the programme because I lacked self-confidence due to knowledge gaps as Joyce Daniels revealed. I was able to recognise some of my key strengths during the programme. Now, I will focus more on them and refuse to allow anyone to run me down. I will start equipping myself with knowledge and I have now signed up for the Titanium Club because I realised the need to love myself more this year.

Cordy Nick

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