Two top MCs reveals:

The secrets that can make anyone a hot-in-demand, top MC in one month or less.


A two days online training reveals secrets that’ll make you a highly sought-after Master of Ceremony (MC) even if you are not an On-Air-Personality (OAP), Broadcaster or Comedian

  Dear friend, 

If you’re an MC or you’re planning to become one, then you have to read this to the end because what I’m about to reveal to you is a game-changer 

Here’s why…

Before now there was a barrier, 

The MC business was dominated by comedians and people in broadcasting.

What that meant was, you had to be either a TV broadcaster, Radio broadcaster or comedian before you could get a deal to host any event. There were just very few non-broadcasters or Comedians who were MCs.

Terrible right? Yes!

Now, here is something interesting, and this is the game-changer…

All that has changed!!!

Now you don’t have to be a radio or television person, or even a comedian, to become an MC, and in fact, you can be in any occupation and choose to pursue a career as an MC.

Great news right? Yes!!!

But that’s not all there is to it. As you may or may not know, I must tell you that becoming a highly rated, well sought after master of ceremony is not a walk in the park…

You could remain an amateur for a very long time or even get frustrated out of the business and never break into the league of highly rated MCs if you don’t learn the secrets that make the very few hot-in-demand MCs masters of the game.

I’m not telling you this to scare you, 

But wont you prefer I tell you the truth, so you can make the best decision from it?

I bet you would.

You see, I’ll be very honest with you… 

Just a few, and I mean a very few people know about these secrets.

These very few MCs make up the elite highly sought-after MCs that are doing so well.

And the good news is that you have the opportunity to know about these secrets that’ll make you one of the elite hot-in-demand, highly sought-after MCs who get multiple offers to host events.


Now I know I’m making so many bold promises, and I’m not expecting you to just take my word for it. 

So listen to how what I’m about to show you has worked for other people.

Now you know that what I’m telling you is not alien magic. Real people have experienced it and are still experiencing it.

But before I reveal what I’m about to tell you…

2020 was the year that Covid-19 struck, 

Businesses were shut down, 

A lot of people lost their jobs and those who kept their jobs were forced to take a pay cut.

There were no events because the whole world or many countries in the world was on ‘lock down’ for months.

Now we are months into 2021 and still feeling the effect of Covid-19 and experts are saying it’s going to be like this for a while.

But the good news is that the economy has opened up and businesses have resumed and now events are holding once again…

As good as this sounds, it’s not good news for everybody.

Some people are still out of job and would have to find an alternative source of making money and the number of events that’ll hold now would be lesser compared to what we had before…

So, I want to assume you know what this means.

Well if you don’t, I’m going to tell you…

The truth is, only the well-positioned, highly sought-after MCs will get the deals to host these events.

Now you might be wondering if being a Master of Ceremony (MC) is a well paying full-time job and if it can pay you well enough to meet your needs

I’ll give you the answer to that question…

Let me tell you what a well-positioned, hot-in-demand MC makes every month.

You see, a highly sought-after Master of Ceremony (MC) gets a minimum of 3 – 5 deals in a month to anchor events. You might even get more and sometimes give away deals because you’re overworked and need a break…

Now you may be wondering how much you can make from 3 – 5 deals a month.

Well, you can make between N1 million to N4 million a month as a hot-in-demand Master of Ceremony (MC).

Look, it doesn’t take much to be a highly sought-after, hot-in-demand MC and in fact, in one month or less you can become one of the elite MCs.

All you have to do is simply make use of the same secrets that the very few hot-in-demand Top MCs are using.

Allow me to introduce to you two of the very hot-in-demand MC in Nigeria. 

  • They have worked for countless A-list clients
  • They have a combined experience of over 20 years between them
  • They have individually trained 10,000+ MCs and Speakers


My name is Joyce Daniels, I’m an event host, public speaker and Courage and Confidence coach.

I have been an MC for 13years, and I’ve MCed over 700 events. I am considered one of the top 3 MCs in the country.

I’ve also trained over 3000 people in the act of public speaking and MCing.

My success as an event host MC is a result of my grasp and understanding of Public Speaking as a foundation for MCing.

See what some of my clients have said about me:


You see, by the time I kicked off my career as an MC, the majority of the good MCs I knew were broadcasters on television or radio…

The truth is I was never a broadcaster or a comedian, and I know that there are countless people like myself, in non-speaking fields, who have the raw talent, desire and passion to be professional Masters of Ceremonies…

That’s why my colleague (Oscar Oyinsan) and I have put together a two days training called…

The MC Company Training

We have put together our years of experience to teach you the secrets we have been using that has made us two of the very few elite and hot-in-demand MCs in the country.

Here is a list of things you’ll learn from the training:

  • How to start and end an event
  • How to recover from an error or mistake so it doesn’t ruin the whole event.
  • How to hold the attention of your audience as long as you want.
  • How to overcome stage fright.
  • How to speak to different types of audience.
  • How to make powerful introductions
  • How to manage co-MC relationship and create synergy
  • How to retain a client. You’ll learn how to keep yourself in the minds of a client for future events.

And much more.

Incredible right?…

Sure it is.

Now here is your one chance to get your hands on the secrets that Top MCs like my colleague and I are using…

And listen, this kind of opportunity may not come your way again in a very long time.

Like I said earlier, you’ll be earning a whooping #2million – #4million in a month.

Ok, let’s say you earn #2million a month…

That’s about 500,000 in a week.

Now, imagine what that’ll do for you…

You won’t have to worry about your bills – rent, school fees, support, etc. anymore, and you’ll effortlessly afford that vacation you’ve been wishing for yourself and your family.

Wouldn’t that be nice? Of course, it would.

And as a matter of fact, attending this training will be one of the best decisions you’ll make in your life…

And I’m being very honest when I say that.

Now to tell you that what I’m saying is true, here are some other benefits you’ll take away from this training.

  • The one formula that will make MCing very easy for you even if you’re new to the business.
  • 9 dangerous speaking mistakes you should never make: you’ll learn about the 9 mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • The 6 things you must do as an MC before you go up the stage.
  • The 3 ways of making money as an MC.
  • Simple steps to set up your MC business.

You see, our trainers started their careers as MCs without any training and it took years of self-learning and serious work to get to where they are now…

And I’m going to be very honest with you.

You have the opportunity to take what I’m giving to you today, learn the secrets that my colleague and I are using and join the Top MCs who are getting lots of deals and making tons of money in one month or less…

Or you can choose to learn your way, and that might take you 7 to 10years or even more before you can get to be a highly sought-after MC.

How much are you willing to invest to join this training.

Take a look at some of the things you’re going to take away from this training and its value.

The one formula for easy MCing = #5000…

The 9 dangerous speaking mistakes and how to avoid them = #10000. (This can ruin your career as MC if you dont know them.)

The 6 things you must do as an MC before you up the stage = #7000.

The 3 ways of making money as MC and simple steps to set up your MC business = #10000.

The Top MCs hot secrets = #200000.

Total value = #232000.

So, all you’ll get from this training is valued at #232000

Hold on…

I’m not going to ask you to invest #232000,

And that’s because I live here in Nigeria, and I’m not insensitive to what is going on in the country.

For that reason, I’m not even going to ask you to invest #100000.

And I know you’ll agree that I’m being very considerate if I ask you you to invest #50000,

It would be a fair deal… 

But I won’t take #50,000 from you.

All you have to invest for this extremely valuable training is…


And yes, #30000 is all I want you to invest… No more, no less.

You’re wondering why I’m giving away something this valuable for such a meagre amount…

Well, it’s for a reason.

You see, due to my experiences in my formative years as an MC, I decided I would someday, teach/train/mentor upcoming MCs and help them set up their own profitable businesses.

So, let’s say it my way of giving back.

Now all you have to do right now is click on the button below, and register.

It’s that simple.

Early bird advantage

Now listen, I have something else to tell you, and you have to act as soon as you see it else you might miss it.

The first 20 people to register for this training will get a copy of my book (Mastery).

Mastery is years of experience put together in a book, 

It contains mistakes you should avoid, strategies you should implement and a whole lot more about the act of public speaking and MCing.

100% guarantee

Look, I have so much faith in what you are going to benefit from this training and that’s why I’m going to make you an offer.

Here it is…

If for any reason after attending the training, you feel it’s a waste of time.

Please do well to send me an email at, and i’ll gladly refund your money… 

And I mean all of it and an additional #2000 for the data you used for the registration.

You might not like this news

The truth is, I cannot guarantee that registration for this training will be on by the weekend…

So, there is only one way you can avoid missing out on this training, and that is by clicking the button below and register now. After now, you might be late.

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