About Joyce Daniels

My name is Joyce, Ehinogie, Ebitimi, Ayomide, UyaiAbasi, Halima, Obiageliaku, Oamen, Daniels; but you can call me Joyce Daniels, JD for short, or ‘The Titanium’ for spunk. I am a fireball of happy energy, unapologetically optimistic, loud-voiced Nigerian. Anything less of these within my radius and I promise to eliminate it – I had to make a profession out of it.

I will really love to train you.

I will really love
to train you.

I spend my days perfecting concepts and methods to helping individuals transform their minds if they are in any state other than confident, courageous, happy, definite, clear, resolute, ecstatic about the future, lavishly grateful, strong and the list can go on.

Start with a blast.

How you start matters.

I am an inexhaustibly happy child and an undaunted pathfinder. Little wonder I quit my secure 9-5 at 25, moved cities, bore 7-months without definite work because I was determined to build a career out of something that will make me happy. I finally settled for the stage and the microphone - no, not as a singer even though I have a refreshingly beautiful voice. I chose to be a Master of Ceremonies.

I landed my first paid event, Sunday, November 11, 2007. Since then, I have gone on to moderate 1000+ events, train 3000 plus persons to speak and MC better, author two books  (Mastery and Before You Speak, Read This), share hundreds of written, audio and video content within the span of 13+ years. 

I became integral in turning a snoozy, non-existent industry into a choice career path for many, founding Talkademy - Africa's Premiere Training School for Master of Ceremonies. Through this journey, I never doubted, never lost hope, never lost faith, not once, and I am still settling into the fun work.

My life is enjoyable and my work is important but if you were to cut me open, I could almost promise that my blood will run green in oneness with my home country. You see, I am a citizen of the world and I am committed to raising whole, thriving individuals and communities but first, Nigeria!

I transitioned to almost always wearing green and white because of my faith in Nigeria. I wear my clothes as a reminder of what I’m made to do. Wherever there is a chance to advocate for Social Justice, Political and Economic Reforms, I take it!

In summary, I will answer in the affirmation if you call me any of these; Social Engineering Practitioner, Events Host and Master of Ceremonies, Mindset, Courage and Confidence Coach, Thought Leader, Nation Builder. I am also an associate at Women in Business, Management & Public Service (WIMBIZ), a mentor at Women in Successful Careers (WISCAR), member Institute of Strategic Management of Nigeria.

I want you to get off this page as someone that knows me, so here goes…

I love, love "dodo"!! It is the one thing my fit life will not get rid of - dodo, as called in western Nigeria, is typically "fried plantain" and I like my plantain ripe and sweet. Want us to go on a dodo date? Call me!

I am going to be 80 years old, strong with a toned body so I am starting now. I love to exercise, I love the gym, throw in a few weights, and sign me up for any healthy meal plan. Yes? I eat clean, well, a chocolate cake can find it’s way to my mouth on special occasions.

I enjoy dancing and singing so don’t be surprised if I instinctively break out into any of the art forms

I was that child who could stay in front of a mirror all-day giving make-belief speeches, choreography, song presentations and more. I believe in the power of the mirror and I teach people how to pay attention to the voice of the mirror. If you’ve never heard me speak about it, join one of my programmes or get the Crossover video course where I used it in class

I enjoy being taken care of, and I work to take care of myself. Massages, spa treats, healthy meals, a getaway in nature, you name it! You may be like me, you like to be pampered. Yet most people lack the courage to allow others take care of them while others lack the confidence to admit that they need taking care of, still, some lack the confidence and courage to take care of themselves. Can we please fix that? The world needs us whole, remember?

Then there’s my son!!! I am a proud mom to a fine gentleman but the journey to his birth was by no means easy. I got pregnant as a young, unmarried, undergraduate. The knowledge that I was about to have a child out of wedlock tried to mess with my head. So I started answering the voices in my head, I spoke back loud and definite - scratch that, I roared back. I was resolute that I would not be written off as most young women who had similar experiences and neither would my son grow up to be at anybody’s mercy. I did it! I am still doing it!!

I invite you into my world because your best life can start here and now

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