3 Ways to Make Money from Your Speaking Skill

Your speaking skill has the ability to make you money consistently. You can use your speaking skill to create income, make impact and build influence.

In this post, I will share with you 3 ways you can make money from your speaking skill.

Are you ready? Let’s go.

  1. Keynote speaking.

This is how a lot of speakers make money across the world. They are invited to give a speech, and then they get a cheque – sometimes called a fee or an honorarium.

You can position yourself to start getting speaking gigs as a keynote speaker.

When you master your skill and build quality and strategic relationships, you will start getting invitations as a keynote speaker to speak at conferences and summits. As you get speaking invitations, your earnings will start to grow.

So, get a good training, go out there and network, promote yourself via marketing and then start getting and booking speaking engagements to impact people and increase your income.

  1. Seminar leader.

You can create a seminar based on your speaking skill. You can host a workshop where people that aspire to be professional speakers like you can be trained to become public speakers.

You can become a trainer that has an academy where you share detailed information and exercises with your students.

A lot of people are struggling with fear of public speaking. In fact, 75% of people in the world have fear of public speaking. You can create a signature paid seminar where you can train these people on how to become courageous public speakers and presentation masters.

You can create and develop seminars and workshops in any field you operate.

  1. Package Your Knowledge as Products.

This is called Information Product. You can package your knowledge or expertise in form of an eBook, physical book, online course or home study DVD.

Information product is a great way to monetize your knowledge and make passive income from it for a long time.

One thing about this kind of income stream is that once you create it, you will never have to do anything again than to keep marketing and making money from it.

If it’s a physical book or a home study DVD, you will only need to reprint/recopy or create a downloadable version. You have created the information product once, but you will keep making money from it for a long time -via marketing and sales.

In fact, most information products are evergreen. You can package your knowledge as an evergreen product that you can even turn to your signature program and it will keep making you money day in and day out on autopilot.

My book MASTERY – Boost Your Speaking Income – is an information product that has made me lots of money, whilst increasing my sphere of influence…if you are a speaker yet to encounter it, please click here. It’s available in Print, EBook and Audio Book formats.

I want you to consider creating or packaging your knowledge as products. There are people that are willing to pay for what you know and would love to have it as a product they can consume or reference time to time.

Here’s one thing you need to know: Creating an information product has a way of positioning you as an authority in your niche; this has been my case since I wrote MASTERY.

When you package your knowledge into an information product, people tend to see you as a go-to person on that topic. That’s how influence and thought leadership are built.

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