Don’t miss out on the opportunities that are around you because you lack the courage to take them!

This is a 3-Hour straight to the point Exposition on how to multiply your Courage and Confidence to do anything you want to do with your life, 

Be it to take on new projects, start a career, get married, apply for a job, start a business, raise children, relocate, just name it!

This will hold on the 30th of January, 2021


You have the capacity for tremendous happiness and fulfilment if you harness all of the experiences that life throws your way.

You can emerge truly stronger from the experience that left you grieving, disappointed and with crushed confidence? You can be free of fear, doubt, and negative self-talk that drains your courage, esteem and self-worth.

Develop mastery over anger, hatred, shame, guilt, regret. Stay in constant gratitude, resilience, joy and happiness at the Titanium Club. Commit time to learning tools and practising how to harness various human experiences within a community one topical issue a month.

Grow mental toughness, gain abundant satisfaction at the Titanium Club.


To be grounded enough to be  on Top of the World you need to master these key areas

  • Mindset
  • Money & Time-management
  • Relationship

I  will be showing you how to experience a Top of the World Lifestyle naturally when you join the Top of the World Coaching Program.

This is a 7-week intensive Group Coaching Program where you would get

  1. Weekly tasks
  2. Weekly Discussions
  3. An Accountability partner, 
  4. Book reading, 
  5. Positive energy from other Titaniums who are ready to take over the world, 
  6.  1 year access to the videos  and so much more                                                                        This will run from February-April, 2021


Goals sometimes feel a little stale as the year goes by, who we were at the beginning of the year when we set the goals, and who we are when we are attempting to achieve them are two different people. 

Which is why we have THE CROSS OVER RETREAT, to recalibrate, reset, refresh and cleanse. 

This 4-Day workshop will provide you practical tools to help you permanently overcome limiting traits holding you back from achieving all that is possible for you.

What you would enjoy 

  •  Group meditation sessions
  •  Relaxation massage
  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  •  Board game
  • Technology fast :No devices, social media, emails  etc. 

It will be hosted in a Resort in Nigeria. 

You will walk away with a renewed passion for life and a “can’t wait to smash my goals” attitude.



WISER is a month-long study of Solomon’s practical wisdom in the book of Proverbs, for successful daily living. If you struggle with work/life balance integration; you need clarity about the right steps to take, to achieve your dream ‘balanced’ life.. Then WISER is what you need.

60 MINUTES Result-Driven Session

Get access to Joyce Daniel for a one on one session, virtually or physically.

For Busy individuals who are ready to implement plans IMMEDIATELY

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